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The Promotion of Lending Kindle to the Readers
Release Date:2017-01-06

  To promote the Green Read which is to read without paper, Xiamen Municipal Library has pushed out 140 Kindle in order to cater to the need of readers’ studying, working and reading. The Kindle is designed for reading and is comfortable for holding. You can enjoy reading by carry it. 

  When: Jan.7, 2017(Saturday) 9: 9:30-11:00 am. 

  Where: 1st floor’s hall of the library 

  Who: all the readers 

  Condition: Readers can borrow the Kindle with the application cards of which the prize isn’t lower than the Kindle (There are two types: cost ¥558.00 and ¥958.00 respectively) 

  Supporting Activities: 

  In order to let the reading becomes more interesting, Xiamen Municipal Library also holds some activities in turn. Welcome all the readers to join us! 

  1. Extreme Reading Competition 

    Readers can volunteer to join this competition on Jan.7, 2017. After borrowing the Kindle with 399 e-books inside, the first five readers who read the most e-books before Jan.28 can get rewards. Please send “Extreme Reading Competition + Name + Telephone Numbers + The numbers of read e-books + the name of the books NO.1 + The name of the books NO.2 + etc.”21 days later to the Xiamen Municipal Library Wechat Platform. If there is a condition that some readers have read the same amount of e-books, we will choose the one who send the message earlier. Come earlier, get earlier. We are waiting for you! 

  2. Experience Competition 

  After borrowing the Kindle, readers can share photos of using the Kindle on the Wechat Moment with the word “# Enough Reading# + some thoughts about using Kindle” and send “the screenshot or photo + Experience Competition + Name + Telephone Numbers” to the Wechat Platform. You can get a souvenir later. Come earlier, get earlier. The amount of souvenir is limited. 

  P.S. If you send the photos, you should agree that the photos will be used by Xiamen Municipal Library as advertisement for free. 

  Some tips about borrowing the Kindle 


  1. The dos and don’ts 

  1) What you borrowed contains Kindle packing box, a Kindle, a USB cable. Please check out if there’s something missing or broken. 

  2) Every Kindle has a certain number of free E-books; you can read directly without logging in the Kindle account number or connecting Wi-Fi. If you use the personal Kindle account number to log in and buy E-books, you should pay the following price by yourselves. 

  3) Do not place heavy objects on the Kindle. 

  4) Do not insert weird object to the connector or card slot. 

  5) Do not let liquid get inside the Kindle. 

  6) Do not take apart, drop, bend, fix, remold or strike the Kindle. 

  7) Please protect the screen carefully, do not use sharp object to touch the screen. 

  8) Do not format or delete any file of the Kindle. 

  9) The Kindle is digital products with great amount of money, so please take care of it. Get charged in time or you may not be able to open it normally. Please avoid leaving behind the Kindle in some public area, for it may be broken or lost. 

  10) Respect the intellectual property. 

  2. Using Steps 

  1) To turn on: click the bottom of the Kindle to get inside the interface. 

  2) To read: click “my library”, slide right or left to change pages, choose E-books you like and click it to read. Click the top screen to find the toolbar and choose the schedule of your reading or return to the home page. 

  3) Screensaver: Click the bottom button of the Kindle to enter the mode of protection. This progress will not consume electric power. 

  4) To get charged: use the USB cable to connect computer to get charged. 

  5) To return: Kindle doesn’t support Self-return. Please go to the Multimedia Reading Area to return the Kindle in the flesh. If you have logged in your own Kindle account when you return the Kindle, please log out. If you have set the device password, you should cancel it. Steps: [Setting]-[Option]-[Password]-[Turn off the password protection] 

  3. Rules of borrowing 

  1) Kindle is available to all the readers. Readers can borrow it with valid application card in the Multimedia Reading Area. The price of your application card can’t be lower than the Kindle (There are two types: cost ¥558.00 and ¥958.00 respectively) 

  2) Readers can search the information and status of the Kindle on Open Public Access Catalogue. 

  3) Each reader can borrow one Kindle. The period of validity is 21 days. You can continue to borrow it for another 21 days once. Readers can book Kindle. The measures of borrowing it are the same as borrowing the normal paper books. When the booked Kindle arrives, readers should come to the library to go through the procedures in 7 work days. The Kindle will be sent back to the warehouse if it is not borrowed in time. 

  4) The borrowed Kindle should be return in time. Readers will be asked for 0.1 Yuan per day if the Kindle is overdue. 

  5) The readers should check out if the device is normal. If there’s any problem, the readers should consult the personnel. Once you leave the reception desk, if the Kindle has any problem, you should take responsibility to it. 

  6) After the procedure of borrowing, readers can download the E-books on their own. 

  7) Please go to the Multimedia Reading Area to return the Kindle in the flesh. The readers should cooperate with the personnel to check out the device’s condition. If there’s any broken or missing object, the readers should compensate for it according to the rules. 

  8) Readers can upload E-books on the Kindle, but please delete all the files when returning the Kindle. 

  9) Please obey the laws and regulations of National Internet management and intellectual property. Use the online source legally. If there’s any illegal behavior, the readers should take the legitimate responsibility. And our library will pause lending Kindle to this reader. 

  4. Measures about damage or missing 

  1) Damage: if theres any damage of the Kindle after using, readers will be asked for corresponding compensation. The extent of compensation is 1-2 times of the marked price. If it is badly damaged so that it can’t be used normally, it will be dealt according to the second measure Missing”. 

  2) Missing: if you lose the Kindle, you should tell the library in time and buy a new Kindle with same brand and type or pay the money which is as twice as the marked price.