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Announcement of Closing the 1st&2nd Branch Library of Huoju (Xiang'an District) Industrial District
Release Date:2017-02-15

  Dear Readers: 

  Because of the removal and adjustment, Xiamen Municipal Library’s 1st&2nd Branch in Huoju (Xiang’an District) Industrial District are going to close on Mar.1st, 2017. The following is some information: 

  After Mar.1st, 2017, the 1st&2nd branches in Huoju (Xiang’an District) Industrial District will stop transacting library cards and lending books and only provide service for withdrawing library cards and returning books. 

  For readers in industrial district to borrow books more conveniently, Xiamen Municipal Library will arrange the Bus Library to begin service for applying/withdrawing application cards or borrowing/returning books after the  1st&2nd Library Branches of Huoju (Xiang’an District) Industrial District close. More information will be shown on Xiamen Municipal Library’s website. 

  If the readers don’t withdraw the application cards or return the books before Apr.1, 2017, you can go to the Maxiang Branch or Xindian Branch to do these procedures for convenient or you can go to the main library or other branches. 

  After the 1st&2nd branches in Huoju (Xiang’an District) Industrial District close, readers with the library cards can still borrow books in Xiamen Municipal Library’s main library, other branches, bus library, district library and self-help library on the street to borrow and return books. 

  If there’s something unclear, please contact Xiamen Municipal Library’s Outside Service Department. Tel. 5371860 

  We feel sorry for the inconvenience. Thank you for your support and company to Xiamen Municipal Library. 


                                                                                                                                                                                                         Xiamen Municipal Library 

                                                                                                                                                                                                              Feb. 15, 2017