The Plate China Braille Library Xiamen Branch Was Put up in Our Library
Release Date:2017-09-07


  On August 21st, The Plate China Braille Library Xiamen Branch was officially put up in our library. 

  To satisfy visually impaired readers public cultural rights, our library opened up the reading area for the visually impaired people. And we adopts a one-stop-service mode which is collection acquisition, borrowing, reading and consulting. In the reading area, there are braille books, periodicals, large print books, CDs, DVDs, cassette tapes, special computer for the visually impaired, reading amplifier, screen reading software, etc. We also offer home delivery service and special activities like reading movies for the visually impaired. The China Braille Library Xiamen Branch will be operated and managed by Xiamen Municipal Library and China Braille Library will offer braille literature and other resources support and business guidance.