Xiamen Municipal Library, founded in 1919, has a history of more than ninety years. The old library was located at No. 2 Gongyuan South Road , donated by Mr. Yang Yiyao, a well-respected elder reader residing in Hong Kong. The new Xiamen Municipal Library (No. 95, Xiamen Cultural Arts Center, Tiyu Road) was built and opened to the public on March 1, 2007. The new library has an area of 25,732 square meters, with an open reading space of two layers (each 6,000 square meters), which adopts a collection acquisition, borrowing, reading, retrieving and consulting mode. Xiamen Municipal Library houses 2.503 million volumes of books, 1.474 million kinds of e-books, 102.6TB electronic resource databases, and had a special local Minnan literature collection.    

  Taking open all-round , full public service, the whole society to share as its service policy, building a socialized library as its idea, and humanized equality, free and convenient service as its principle, Xiamen Municipal Library forms an all-round open mode in construction facilities, collection resources, reader service and so on. It provides readers service with multilevel, diversify and multiform, trying its best to satisfy readers various information needs. Xiamen Municipal Library opens 365 days a year and its services are all free. On average, it receives 12 thousand people one day. Wireless internet is accessible in the library. It offers e-newspaper system, self-check stations, self-service copier, self-service scanner, and it also offers services such as book-borrowing reservation, book-renewing by phone, online renewal, book-return warning by text and etc. Xiamen Municipal Library sets up some self-service libraries, which makes it more convenient for readers to obtain documentary information .In order to enrich readers reading contents, it offers services such as reading salon, lectures, movies, story-telling session, exhibitions and all kinds of reader activities all year round. It also holds library service propagandas in communities, schools and companies to guide citizens how to use library. Since 2011, Xiamen Municipal Library holds about 1110 theme activities each year, including training, exhibitions, lectures and reading activities. Now Xiamen Municipal Library has become a comprehensive public library with high degree of openness and distinctive features of service. 

  Xiamen Municipal Librarys goal is to share the local/regional collections and resources via network technologies and communication. As the central point, Xiamen Municipal Library will be surrounded and supported by district libraries with all the town/village libraries as its nodal points. At present, library (at city and district level ) realize general card, loan and return of books, the literature cataloging, co-construction and sharing of digital resources, readers' activities interconnection and interaction. In 2010, Xiamen Municipal Library signed a strategic cooperation agreement with National Digital Library of China, which has realized “Complete coverage of national digital library in Xiamen”, and effectively improved the service ability of the digital resources in Xiamen . In recent years, Xiamen Municipal Library has established 19 branch libraries and 5 outside circulation points at Gulang Island, Haicang, Xinglin, Guankou, and other places. That means Xiamen Municipal Library has preliminary formed the public library service network covering the whole city.      

  Xiamen Municipal Library has won good social benefits because of the service policy "open all-round , full public service, the whole society to share" and socialized management service concept. In 2016, Xiamen Municipal Library received 4.39 million readers, lent out 3.93 million books, the business indicators ranked the top among national public libraries and won a lot of prizes, like the National Culture System Advanced Collective, National March 8th Red Flag Collective, National Women's Civilization Post, Nationa First Class Library rated by Ministry of Culture, Civilized Unit of Fujian Province, National Science Education Base, Social and Sciences Popularization Base of Fujian Province. Xiamen Municipal Library has become the knowledge palace for public lifelong education and the center of the sharing of citys public literature, information and resources in central cities in the west coast of the strait.