“Books and I” Theme Activity Calls for Articles
Release Date:2017-10-24

       1. Theme: All these years I have been with Xiamen Municipal Library 

  2. Objects and Deadline 

  Objects: All Readers of Xiamen Municipal Library 

  Deadline: November 11, 2017 

  3. Must 

   The theme must be “all these years I have been with Xiamen Municipal Library”. And the title can be different. 

   There is no restriction on genres and the number of words.  

   The article must be original. 

   Name and telephone number must be noted in the article. The submitted article will not be returned, so please keep the manuscript. 

  4. Submission Methods 

  Send your article as a Microsoft Word attachment to zhengwen@xmlib.net. And remember to name the attachment as article+name+telephone number 

  5. Awards 

  2 First Prizes: 1000 yuan  

  4 Second Prizes: 800 yuan  

  8 Third Prizes: 500 yuan 

  20 Awards of Excellence: 200 yuan  

  6. Contact Number: 5371895